Keto Diet Weight Loss Update & Extended Fast #4

Time for the week 49-keto diet weight reduction update. This week I decided to begin an extended water fast. This is my 4th fast of the type, since I started the ketogenic diet. The first three lasted two times, three times, and six days, in that order. I decided with that one I was going to start it during the work week instead of on the weekends like I’ve done before. On Wednesday at noon My last food was.

The first 3 times went effectively and it was easy and simple first 3 days up to now. I have no idea if this was because of the fact of starting it through the work week or just out of this being my fourth fast of the type. It can get easier after the first few in case you are struggling.

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I also made a decision to take a magnesium supplement this time around to assist with the electrolyte cramping issues I’ve had in the past fasts. I chose a powdered magnesium citrate because all the pill form ones I came across had fillers within. This one was pure magnesium just. It worked well no cramps these times.

Hunger issues arose on days four and I ended up breaking the fast after this day. It had been the weekend and I proceeded to go grocery shopping with my partner. Then later I went to the horse races. Being around food for those 6-8 hours made me starving just. Not just a shocker I understand. I’m just a little bummed I didn’t go longer but at the same time I don’t want to fast to wreck my entire life socially so I’m also glad I spent that point with my wife. I do plan on doing another fast in a couple months so we will observe how that one goes.

So overall my weight reduction is just a little tainted this week as I lost 6 lbs in comparison to last week’s weigh in. Obviously, at least half with this is returning on therefore I don’t expect to be this light in a few days. We will there see easily get. Hopefully everyone’s week went well and you also will work on creating a better version of yourself.

I must have called this blog desperate to break 22 minutes rather than training to break 22 minutes as I have not been doing any type of focused training. There’s a race coming up on October 20th, which is the fastest course I’ve seen around here. So between now and then I will try and enter some velocity work.

I witnessed two people vomiting as of this race. That kind of commitment and willingness to suffer is something I am not willing to endure just. I reach the true point of sense uncomfortable in races but I am never on the bring of puking. I supposed to run a really good time one must be willing to push themselves to that point.