Are We Fooling Ourselves?

How many times do I listen to the same questions? How long it’s going to take? What’s my forecast on Florida real property? I offer every day with different types of purchasers: the investor, the holiday home buyer, the first-time home buyer, the blissful luxury home buyer, the wondering, you name it.

They will all have different approaches. Ideally, the investor would like to rent and cover totally or a significant part of his regular mortgage costs, his insurance, maintenance or condominium fees, and his fees. The vacation-home buyer desires to keep his monthly payments under control, because by definition he is aiming to have fun with his purchase, rather than to make himself a new source of headaches. He adds the mortgage repayments, the condominium fees (because they are usually interested by condos), and the house taxes. And he will compare that to hiring a good accommodation or suite for two weeks or even a month.

The “empty nesters”, that are in retirement, and trying to downgrade to a smaller place, once their kids are gone, are a special case. They have been helped by the “portability” feature now added to their ‘save our homes’ protection. They’ll pay less property taxes if they move Typically.

However, most of them have lived in homes where they can in some way control their maintenance expenses. Moving to a condominium building means monthly charges as a lump sum, plus eventual “assessments” costs for repairs or upgrades to their condo building. These “condo fees” have suffered a relentless inflation during the last decade.

Let’s play with some statistics. You graduated five years ago from a good college; you hold a decent job. You are wedded, with a child, and your spouse is utilized and brings some money to the desk. You have grown in a middle class family and are accustomed to a certain level of comfort.

But you have made your mind and your first home is just going to be always a crowded two-bedroom condo. 280,000. You were lucky enough to land a home loan with only 3% down, as well as your savings allowed you to pay all the closing costs, and that’s fine. 2, per month 500. That doesn’t include your electricity, phone, cellulars, and other utilities.

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220. You won’t have a TV cable connection or internet at home. You can’t afford it and after all, Television is bad for the young kid, and you have internet publicity at work enough. 10 charges to see a doctor, or something called “deductible”, and even these expensive medicines for your kid’s sore-throat infections; but we won’t count that.

You also need two vehicles, because both of you ongoing work, and these engine vehicles need insurance, auto tires, and other goodies. You have been sensible, nothing fancy, nevertheless, you still have to pay the monthly payments on both. 700 for both engine cars, all included. I had been to ignore that about! 150. and you shall change the essential oil and do small mechanics yourself, and operate on flat tires, never to overwhelm the budget.