Raymond Castleberry Blog: Where Clickbait, Linkbait, And Viral Content Fit In SEO Campaigns

When is it smart to concentrate on viral-worthy content and clickbait? When is it not? To see fruitful earnings from these kinds of efforts, they need to be done the proper way and found in the right places. Rand discusses the type of content investments make sense for this kind of strategy and explains why it works in this week’s Whiteboard Friday. Click on the whiteboard image above to open up a high-resolution version in a fresh tab!

Howdy, Moz fans, fun and welcome to some other model of Whiteboard. This week we’re chatting about when and where you may use clickbait and linkbait and viral-focused content as compared to other styles for your SEO-driven campaigns. There’s a lot of savvy sort of folks at the intersection of SEO and content marketing who are training things like this right now.

We’ve actually spoken to a few organizations who are specifically centered on this, and they have really solid businesses because many brands understand that these types of investments can produce significant comes back. But you have to use them in the right situations and the right areas. So let’s walk through that. Let’s say you are a payroll software provider. Your goal is to increase conversions and traffic, therefore you’re considering what forms of content investments you as well as your consultant or company or in-house team might be making on this content front.

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I don’t always love the word “linkbait,” but it still gets a lot of searches, so we’re placing it in the title of the Whiteboard Friday because we practice what we preach here, baby. So this might be something like “EASY AND SIMPLE, and Hardest Places to start out an organization.” Maybe it’s countries, maybe it’s states, locations, whatever it is. It doesn’t necessarily have the most search volume. They see that plenty of people are looking on their behalf versus other competition. So they setup a full page that’s “QuickBooks versus Gusto versus Square: Which Software is Befitting YOUR COMPANY?” in order to serve that searcher intention.

So they see that, after looking for their brand name, people also search for, “MAY I utilize this for owner employees, businesses which have owner employees only?” So no employees who aren’t owners. What’s the payroll tale with them? How do you get that sorted out? So you create content around this.

All of the types of content that serve SEO, but this one, this viral-focused stuff is the most sort of non-direct. Many times, brands have trouble getting their head around why they might spend money on that. So do SEOs. So, let’s explain that. More uncooked brand recognition – People knowing who the business is, they haven’t heard about them before. You’re looking to build that first touch or that second touch so that individuals in the space know who you are. A Then that viral-focused content makes a huge amount of sense, which is a genuine SEO investment.

Even though it generally does not necessarily map perfectly to conversions directly, it’s an indirect way to great potential SEO success. Why does this work? That is clearly a function of how Google operates fundamentally, well, People and Google. That is true for individuals and humans too. All right, everyone. Look forward to your comments below.

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