Super Blender Makeup Sponge Review!

Super Blender Makeup Sponge Review! 20 sponge and observe how they likened. 4.99. That is far more affordable and a huge decrease in price from the initial Beauty Blender. The relevant question is, is really as good as the wonder Blender? The back label of this package affirms for a full coverage look use the sponge dry, and then for a lighter coverage use the sponge if it is damp.

The first picture is of the sponge dry, and the second reason is of the sponge when damp. This sponge does not absorb water and grow like the wonder Blender does. How big is this sponge is about the same as the beauty blender as the beauty blender is wet. The structure of the Target Super Blender sponge is completely different from the wonder Blender.

While the wonder Blender is very soft and very spongy, the Target Super Blender is very difficult and rubbery. While I was striving to apply my makeup with the prospective Super Blender, it didn’t consistently apply soft or. The sponge more of just patted the foundation on my face instead of blended it in and I had to return with my fingers to blend the building blocks in. I only does one area of my face with this sponge and determined it wasn’t doing work for me.

The Original Beauty Blender offers my face a very perfect look and blends basis into my pores and skin really nicely. THE MARK Super Blender Sponge didn’t do anything and I came across it ineffective. 4.99 which i covered it. 20 and it seems expensive for a sponge, I don’t believe anything will compare to this product because it’s worthwhile every dollar i paid for it! I absolutely love the wonder Blender which is a must have in my life for making use of foundation now!

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  • Keep it basic but cool
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