5 Steps To Skip The Lines And See More Of The Park

1. Determine the best time of the entire year to visit the Magic Kingdom. In general, holiday weeks, spring break weeks and anytime the small children are off of college are peak group times at Disney World. They’re so busy, in fact, that you’ll probably want to avoid those particular weeks. My family’s latest trip was throughout an occupied week, however (March 17 to 22, 2013), and we had no trouble making your way around the recreation area using my plan. 2. Day of the week to go to the recreation area Select the best. On the Thursday We went, day at the park a comparatively slow. 3. Find out whether Extra Magic Hours is in effect.

Extra Magic Hours is available on certain days of the week to guests of the Disney World Resorts, like the Value Resorts. For all those looking to spend less, I would recommend the All-Star Films and All-Star Music Resort for families highly. Not only were they simpler to get around than the Moderate Resort where we stayed (the wonderful but sprawling Caribbean Beach Resort), but access to food was a lot more convenient (, and, in my opinion, the meals were better, too).

Extra Magic Hours enable you to get to the park an hour earlier than the general public or let you stay a few hours later in the evening. 4. Reach the park 15 minutes before it starts and have an idea. The park opened to the public at 9 officially, and further Magic Hours began at 8, so that meant we ought to have received there at 7:45 a.m. It was more like 8:20 by enough time our band of 7 rolled in with the three kids and a double stroller, but we were still in good shape time-wise.

Getting there early, and having an idea and your own baby stroller (even for older kids!), is the main element to doing what others cannot. 5. Follow my FastPass strategy and recommended order of trips to minimize your time waiting in line! Here’s where in fact the magic happens, people. I compiled this order of attractions and rides based on considerable Web research and personal experience.

On a recently available very active week in March, it worked well like a charm. Remember, the order of this list is important, as it will go counter to typical feet traffic and puts you at long-line destinations first or at opportune times of your day. The advent of MagicBands helps it be advantageous to set up FastPasses ahead of time and link them to your rings, so if that applies to you, substitute appropriately.

Get there for Extra Magic Hours when possible, often at 8 a.m. This classic Disney trip is charming and gets a series going to ride off the bat, so whether it’s less than 30 minutes long, enter it. It will not get better all of those other day. Pick up a FastPass for the tiny Mermaid ride nearby before you head to the next attraction – it’s at a kiosk near to Peter Pan but pretty far from the actual ride. Kiosk locations may have transformed since this informative article was written originally, so double-check those–or better yet, get yourself some MagicBands and setup your FastPasses in advance!

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Enchanted Tales With Belle – Usually do not miss this elegant meet-and-greet with Belle, of Beauty and the Beast. There is no FastPass yet, which means you must early to get there. This was the highlight of my daughter’s trip, and the animatronics and computerized special effects left even the adults’ mouths open. Which mirror dangling on the wall in the cottage of Belle’s father’s house that changes before your eye into a dazzling passageway that guests walk through to a pleasant room to meet Belle. Magical. To top it off, the kids each get a photo with Belle that can be purchased afterward.

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride – If your FastPass isn’t ready yet after your wait for Dumbo, it will soon be, so take a break and get a glass or two. Then you can skip before a line that has probably reached the hour tag right now. If your kids are designed for a coaster, try the new Seven Dwarfs ride rather than this one; you’ll need a FastPass for this and you will have to make a substitution somewhere, so Winnie the Pooh is the one I’d skip. It’s a little World – Classic ride that kids of all ages love. We waited a fifty percent hour in a fast-moving line.

We went to close by Liberty Square for a tasty lunch at Columbia Harbour, a nice shock that was spaced out at private furniture more like a sit-down restaurant. The original plan was to consume quick-service in the new Beast’s Castle – but the line was horrendous your day we were there – for lunch time!