Week 33 (The Final Part Of AN EXTENDED Diet)

Where shall I start to continue the story ? Of all First, the week after Phoenix everything proceeded to go simply amazing. I had the opportunity of doing 7 Photoshoots in just six days with a few of the most famous & prestigious photographers of Bodybuilding. It does not only appear to be an amazing week, it made me feel on top of the clouds as well.

I looked forward to the Arnold Classic. To improve again until Melbourne and I sensed unstoppable. I assume that’s always as soon as when your body will remind you that everyone folks is only a human being and we do not have something similar to super-powers. The result was a practical weight lack of 25lbs and an extremely dangerously flushed out tone of myself.

  • 2 . 5 cups of tea (about 0.5 litres altogether)
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  • 226: Ty Summers, LB TCU
  • Body pain
  • Serving size issues if you are watching your weight
  • Fairhurst RM

I still visited my shooting another morning and after wanting to smile and work as hard as I can, I had a need to visit a hospital after two hours. And today I have to go to a medical center? I needed 3 liters of sodium infusions to made me get well again and luckily the doctors could actually dehydrate my own body a bit. I attempted to rest as much as I could besides working the long Expo days at the MuscleMag booth.

Because I understood Australia will be coming soon, I put my concentrate on filling my muscles with good food again and to work against the dramatic weight loss I had the times before. All in all the circumstances were really bad for Australia and Milos and I attempted to accomplish a miracle in just one week with a crazy fill and the hope to make something impossible become truth. I used to be fighting hard and besides going to Australia I sensed sufficient involve some good workouts, even if my body still demonstrated a lot of symptoms of corrosion.

I suppose 90% of other athletes would have taken out of the contest, but that’s not the true way I want to present myself in Pro business. A contract was signed by me to compete, I organized shootings in RIGHT HERE and I commit myself to do what have to do simply. But there is this mean bastard called reality and he hit me directly in my own face again. I didn’t make it to improve from Phoenix for the Australia Grand Prix. It could have been the perfect end for an initial Pro-season like in fairy stories, however I am proud of what I did so.

I was never quitting, discovered something, and experienced RIGHT HERE and probably a few of the nicest followers of Bodybuilding of the whole planet. I would have been 20lbs lighter than in PHX and if was disappointed even, I am proud for my appearance. For my achievement to fulfill my agreement, to have realized my scheduled photoshoots and to have completed my first DVD production with Wayne Gallasch. An extremely long diet comes now to its end right.

After 8 a few months (and still some photoshoots to go in the next week) I could look back on a Pro-season, much better than in my wildest dreams. Having traveled about 50.000 Air miles, doing 28 photo shoots, filming 100 hours of video footage for my upcoming DVD-Trilogy and reaching my new coach Milos there is nothing more I could wish for. I realized myself what this means to be a professional Bodybuilder and I learned all about the chance of over-exhausting yourself, which may be dangerous for your competition plans really. The ones on stage and those who get the exposure.

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