Twig’s Tech Tips

I admit I am sluggish and slacking on the computer maintenance side of things lately (which translates to a couple of years). As a result, things have cluttered up and I’m needs to constantly run low on C:. I do however perform the usual trimming of the temperature folders and restore points, which usually do just fine.

I find programs that clear the internet browser cache to be ridiculous because the files are eventually redownloaded again when you browse. THEREFORE I resorted to TuneUp Utilities’ Disk Space Explorer which really is a bloody outstanding computer maintenance collection. The Disk Space Explorer is a nice tool that enables you to see what folders/documents are hogging up space on your pc.

First on the list, and unsurprisingly somehow, Adobe Acrobat. Delete the stupid installer cache data files, with half the documents in dialects I cant read even! Similar to the the previous program, incomplete or unsuccessful installations may leave horrendous cache files on your computer. Use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (which is basically MSI Zap with a good frontend) to eliminate the files in a safer manner. Be careful with it Just. Its sort of like a huge hammer if you go apeshit with it, something will break.

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Some programs will have damaged shortcuts following this is run. Just modify the shortcut and arranged a target, or recreate a shortcut that operates the correct executable. In addition, it eliminates the install logs, rendering it impossible to uninstall the software. Shaved: 2.16gb to 793mb (and thats just by removing Visual Studio 2005! You might have noticed that I take advantage of a lot of “strange images” in my posts.

I’m a massive image hoarder, and that causes my image supervisor to suffer. Remember to clean your ACDSee catalogue database! The quarantine will store a copy of all contaminated files, including the gigantic (and infected) setup data files that you may of grabbed off torrents. Its a pity you cant type by file size.

IMAP accounts will just download content from the servers when needed, but POP3 will store a copy of the e-mail even after you have deleted it. To delete the unecessary email messages, clear your folders (inbox, sent, etc) and then delete them again from the garbage folder. Depending on how much crap you deleted, this might take some right time.