Pediatric And Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery for Adolescents in Washington, D.C. Our Bariatric Surgery Program helps adolescents with morbid obesity. Doctors outline “morbidly obese” as being overweight to the purpose the place it interferes with everyday functioning. If you’re contemplating weight-loss surgical procedure in your baby or teenager, discuss to certainly one of our pediatric surgical specialists. We suggest you do the process earlier in adolescence fairly than later, since a teen will continue to realize the weight as he or she grows, lessening the benefits of the surgical procedure. At Children’s National, we’re dedicated to providing teenagers with a safe, effective surgery and profitable consequence. After a 12 months, our patients lose an average of 70-100 pounds (generally extra).

Our pediatric surgeons have years of experience in performing bariatric surgical procedure. In addition, we are among the nation’s prime consultants in the field, coaching different pediatric surgeons across the nation in the weight-loss surgical procedure for youngsters. We are also extensively concerned in research, analyzing tissue from our patients to achieve a greater understanding of childhood obesity with the purpose of personalizing therapy for every patient. The program’s multidisciplinary workforce includes many alternative pediatric specialists, working collectively to ensure your child’s secure and profitable consequence.

Sleeve gastrectomy. During this procedure, the surgeon removes a large a part of the stomach. This impacts how a lot a baby can eat but not how the physique absorbs meals and nutrients. We use this procedure most often for adolescents. Learn more about sleeve gastrectomy at Children’s National. LAP-BAND® . The surgeon wraps an adjustable band around the stomach. It reduces the quantity of meals a toddler can eat, but does it not have an effect on nutrient absorption.

This process is FDA-accepted only for people 18 years of age and older. Learn more concerning the LAP-BAND process at Children’s National. Gastric bypass. This process does two things: It makes the stomach smaller, limiting how a lot food you possibly can eat. It also causes food to bypass elements of the small intestines, reducing how a lot meals and nutrients the physique absorbs. Because it affects the absorption of nutrients, we usually don’t suggest this process for children and teenagers.

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