Alexandria Catacombs Of Ancient Egypt Saved From Flooding Thanks To £4.3million Restoration

Ancient catacombs suffering from flooding for hundreds of years have been completely restored because of an American authorities grant that has helped their true beauty be revealed. Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities today completed their restoration of the Kom el-Shuqafa catacombs in traditional western Alexandria, which were uncovered in the first 10 years of the 20th hundred years. 5.7 million (£4.3 million) in money from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) helped to secure the site against damaging flood waters and sewage, and will provide financial support for maintenance costs.

The antiquity underwent many recovery projects, the most crucial of which is at the mid-nineties, that was an ambitious project supervised by the Supreme Council of Antiquities,’ said Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani. The catacombs were carved into rock and roll on three independent levels. The ground level was damaged by water from nearby farmland and a canal, as well as sewage water. Stunning photos reveal the complex mosaics Now, sculptures and unique mixture of historic Egyptian and Greco-Roman architectural styles used in the tomb’s building.

Kom El-Shoqafa catacombs have finally been opened up to the public some 110 years after they were discovered. The site includes at least three sarcophagi and multiple statues motivated by both Greek and Roman architecture. Funding from a US federal government agency has ensured the website shall remain open to the general public. The catacombs are located to the west of central Alexandria, Egypt close the River Nile meets the Mediterranean sea. The town was founded as a little town by Alexander the Great around 332 BC during his reign as King of Macedonia. The spiral staircase requires guests from the hot Egyptian down through the three individually carved floors of the catacomb complex.

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The structures of the website offers a unique mix of Greek and Roman styles which overlap on items like the carved pillars (centre) which lead to some other area of the underground tomb. Visitor enter the main hall of the catacombs from which several tombs and anterooms lie. Wall paintings depict powerful Egyptian men or pharaohs – Identified because of their golden headdresses – and above cattle. A larger wall painting appears to depict part of the process of mummification, which involves embalming and wrapping the deceased many times after the removal of internal organs. An in depth bust of a male physique with voluminous curly locks of locks on screen in the tombs.

Columns were a structural device made popular thousands of years before this tomb was built. The catacombs were named Kom El Shoqafa, this means a mound of shards, because heaps of these broken terracotta were found in the catacombs throughout their discovery. Clay items such as vases and plates were still left by those going to the tombs, who brought wines and food because of their visit.

However, when it emerged time to leave they didn’t want to transport them home home – from a location of death – so they might break them. Another sarcophagus shows the embalming process. Different jars within the table which the dead body has been ready were used for holding vital organs like the center and liver.

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