Kant’s Subjective Universal Validity

In Analytic of the Beautiful (Book 1 in Critique of Judgment), Kant discusses the common sense of taste and presents arguments concerning the nature of beauty in comparison with that which is enjoyable or good. Kant argues that judgments of taste (specifically of beauty) have subjective universal validity. Judgments of flavor are not logical or assessments of reason. Instead, their identifying surface is subjective. Judgments of flavor are linked with internal emotions of pleasure and satisfaction and are also subjective and aesthetic.

Satisfaction in judgments of flavor are disinterested and indifferent to the existence of objects. On the other hand, both satisfaction with the pleasant and satisfaction with the nice are interested in the state of the lifestyle of items. In pleasure we seek gratification, while in good we desire either utility (the mediate good-good for something) or good alone (the immediate and complete good). What gratifies is pleasant, what’s esteemed is good, but what simply pleases is reported to be beautiful (and remember that what pleases is subjective).

The universality of the wisdom of taste relates to its subjectivity: because it is both subjective and disinterested, this feeling of pleasure is valid for any humans (i.e. beauty is imputed to all or any as universally gratifying). Every individual feels pleasure in the stunning, without reference to themselves and without interest in the thing, and infers that this same satisfaction is universal (it is not bound to the subject’s passions or even to the object’s lifetime). While the pleasant is satisfying individually, and the good is conceptual in nature, the beautiful is universally gratifying and non-conceptual. Judgments of beauty are not postulated as universal: all who make a claim of “beauty” impute universal agreement.

Kant may be seen as conflating satisfaction with the beautiful with taste: for Kant each person cannot possibly have their own preferences because preferences have subjective general validity. However, his quarrels seem to only claim that satisfaction with the beautiful has subjective, general validity, not that all judgments of taste have subjective general validity.

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