Day Dandy Modern, 25, Shuns Current Fashion To Dress LIKE A 1820’s Gent

A tailor from East Sussex has revealed how he decided to shun modern fashion after burning his only pair of skinny jeans aged 14 to become present day dandy. Zack Pinsent, 25, has only worn Regency and historical clothing for days gone by 10 years and says it’s the only way he feels comfortable in the 21st hundred years. Typical daily looks for the self-styled man add a pair of knee-high riding leather traveling boots, a floral waistcoat, and driving jacket with long tails.

Zack, who lives in Hove, has gained a huge online following with near to 40,000 adoring followers keeping up to date with his period tailoring. The tailor from Hove, East Sussex, studies all of his looks before sourcing the material and creating them. His obsession with historical wears started when his family transferred home at the age group 14 and they came across a box filled with Zack’s great-grandfather’s old suits. Share Luckily for Zack’s period clothing fitted him really well and he began to wear them just as much as he could.

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He said: ‘At 14 I made the symbolic decision to burn my only pair of jeans in a bonfire, it was a real turning point. On non-school uniform days I would dress in three-piece suits, but when I got to the sixth form I started to clothe themselves in historical clothing each day.

I was quite amazed that in the leaver’s publication I had been voted as the best dressed. It has been at least ten years since Zack has worn any modern clothing, the only time he can remember is being asked to a 1980s themed party. All of Zack’s outfits are explored, designed and sewn by himself- with some clothes taking up to a calendar year to master before he places them on the outside of the house. Although people stay in the road and stare often, Zack says that people are usually really kind. He said: ‘I keep getting comments in the pub that it looks like I’ll meet Jacob Rees-Mogg.

When stopping in the street over his unusual look, most of the reaction is positive. The response is nearly always completely positive and genuinely lovely. And it is not just a Brighton thing, I’ve been all over the world and people are inquisitive and appreciative. Even though I was in London and a huge group of soccer enthusiasts are walking towards me, my natural reaction was to shrink and appearance down.

Zack works as a tailor in Hove, specializing in bespoke historical clothing for women and men. His client list stretches across the globe as Zack believes that there has been an ‘uptick’ in people’s fascination with ethically sourced and hand made clothing. He said: ‘It’s my personal mission that to make sure everything is sourced in the UK and Europe. My carbon footprint is really as low as is possible, I’m a British producer and a British business only using 100 % natural fibers.