Ten Natural Beauty Tips

Beauty care has become a highlighted topic among the women all around the globe. Improper diet plan, working hours, less exercise and over mental exertion will be the common factors of unhealthy lifestyle. This lifestyle has not only disturbed mental health due to stress and melancholy but also proving it dangerous for general health and skin beauty; as a result people have a tendency to show young, the indicators of aging. Everybody desires looking beautiful, which is extremely hard without beautiful and healthy pores and skin.

Instead of running after the artificial beauty products, it is advisable to adopt healthy lifestyle to boost pores and skin beauty naturally. Basically, balanced diet, vitamin C and E are beneficial in averting wrinkles and expression lines highly. Food items rich in fatty acids like papaya and almonds help in attaining healthy and glowing pores and skin.

  • Thayers Witch Hazel
  • What Then Is Love (Emilie Loring)
  • Wash your clothes using non-irritant detergent
  • There’s a million seafood in the sea. But I’m a mermaid
  • Grated ginger – 5 grams

Proper physical activity is essential not only for good health also for healthy skin. Although sun display lotions are helpful to protect your skin layer but over use of makeup especially sleeping with makeup covered face is beauty damaging. 1. To give a soft consistency to a tough skin, apply orange juice. 2. To eliminate wrinkles apply a mixture of cabbage juice and real honey.

3. To remove black spots and wound/pimple scars, apply paste of sandal honey and wood. 4. Apply combination of tomato juice and lemon juice to give a glowing look to the real face. 5. Acne can be eliminated through the use of fresh garlic clove juice onto it and wait for 20 minutes to clean it off. 6. Make a paste of oatmeal egg and honey white by rinsing with hot water and apply on black minds.

Wait for 20 minutes to clean it off with fresh drinking water. 7. Apply wheat flour mix with drinking water to cure oily skin and clean it off with cold water after 25 minutes. 8. Apply a paste of ripe banana and one teaspoonful of real honey on face. It is effective for skin tightening and moisturizing. Await 20 minute to wash it off. 9. Rinse reetha, tulsi and hibicus leaves in drinking water right away and rinse locks with the water to eliminate dandruff and promote long hairs. 10. Drink at least 8 large cups of drinking water to keep pores and skin prevent and hydrated dryness.

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