Clickbank Merchants = Theft Victims

Why do Clickbank merchants put up with this? Their products are being stolen have bought instead. When Clickbank merchants sell their downloadable products, even when they use some download protection script tool, the end product itself is being easily and freely distributed. This confirms that people want the software, they just don’t want to cover it if they don’t have to.

Here’s the scenario practically all Clickbank merchants are in right now. The Clickbank system requires every product owner to publish their digital products (e-books or software) to their web server, and make a download page, or “Thank-You” web page to be able to automate the whole order process. Merchants then setup sales connect to sell access to download their products. The client places an order via the sales hyperlink then is delivered through Clickbank to the download page automatically.

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This download web page has the to connect to download the actual product. That’s what’s supposed to happen. But what is happening really? The uploaded product is easily downloaded for free by potential customers that have found a “back door”. A “back door” either by seeking the download web page without paying, or obtaining a duplicate of the merchandise from via email somewhere else, newsgroups, forums, eBay, whatever. These are the lost income and sales forgone.

And merchants have no idea who is getting their product, or what goes on after it’s downloaded. They lose total control of its distribution. Some thieves even go so far as to sell taken software and e-books as their own for a greatly reduced price. Getting free software from Clickbank retailers is not so hard to do at all. All thieves have to do is find someone that has a duplicate of the merchant’s product and get them to supply the download location. Or, encourage them to right-click simply, duplicate, and paste the file in an email. Bing bang increase – software piracy. BIG PROBLEM. The popular the product the greater it has been stolen.

But this is only the first big problem for Clickbank merchants when it comes to safeguarding their product. Something many people have no idea about Clickbank is that they quickly and without hesitation honor every single refund request, no relevant questions asked. EACH AND EVERY PRODUCT OFFERED IN THE CLICKBANK MARKETPLACE CAN BE DOWNLOADED ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. Simply by spending money on any product and sending a contact to Clickbank for a refund.

There’s, you don’t need to explain anything, just that you’d like a refund. You’ll receive your refund right away and guess what, you get to keep carefully the product, free of charge. There is no requirement to return the product as with a normal refund, since there is no way to be certain the product really was deleted.