Where Did ALL OF THAT Money Go?

And because of the leveraged nature of currency trading was starting to wonder if this wasn’t a quick way toward riches and my true getting in touch with. Swiss central bank decided it’s currency was too strong and purposely began to pummel it’s own money. Once again, I’d have to anticipate government policy rather than economics or basics as the currency market was no more efficient, but a representation of government and bureaucrats simply. But it got me thinking.

And i quickly made the bond. I witnessed this the more I traveled and realized in Mexico overseas, Jamaica, the Bahamas, even Canada, countries would happily accept greenbacks, saving me and other American guests the pain of transforming currencies. I don’t forget a John Stossel event where he could more quickly hail a cab in Russia flashing US dollars (and tobacco) than the local Rubles.

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But then it certainly dawned on me. If a country were to have a very strong money, if it were to stick to free-market economics, then it wouldn’t weaken its currency to safeguard its export bottom. It would let its residents buy world goods AND INVESTIBLE ASSETS on the cheap. Which is the underpinning epiphany of The Clarey National Debt Plan.

While other people’s national debt decrease plans are based on some combination of slashes, fiscal discipline, frugality, and taxation, my idea is much more international and opportunistic. For while the US might not be in its supreme position it was previously back (the evil, racist, oppressive) 40’s and 50’s, the simple truth is neither is all of those other global world.

And poor as our budget is, the world is a whole lot worse. Alas, we still have the world’s reserve money and we can (and do) misuse the hell from it. Including the money source (using the financial foundation as the measure) has increased 350% under Obama. That should lead to inflation of 350%, but it hasn’t. Quite simply, we’re like the only female in Casper, Wyoming with most of her teeth. Hideous, disease infected, and the mother of 4 from 3 different baby daddies, but we’re still the best-looking equine in the barn. 22 trillion, and go on an acquisitions binge throughout the world?

22 trillion to merely pay back our debt can be done, I do believe the global marketplaces and rest of the world aren’t THAT dense and they would immediately dump the dollar immediately causing real inflation at home. 22 trillion in US dollars intrinsic value (, and therefore hopefully stave off inflation), but the annual income from these ventures could be used to lower the debt. I’ve run some statistics.

44 trillion in publicly traded global equities of the G20 nations. US government becoming bulk shareholder of anything. They’d mess up the underlying investment forcing needless corporate public responsibility initiatives, under-performing minorities in positions of power, mandating carbon footprint quotas, and a complete slew of politically motivated leftist slop that would destroy the profit potential of these companies. 22 trillion) of the firms is ways to do that.

694 billion in proceeds each year. Now admittedly there’s plenty wrong with this notion. 22 trillion (I would wish) would cause the foreign currency markets to crash (indicating there’s at least some sanity remaining nowadays). But here’s where in fact the juicy irony is situated. We almost quadrupled the money source under Obama/Yellen/Bernanke just.