OCIE Risk Alert Highlights Issues Related To Previously-disciplined Employees

In addition, the staff noticed that several firms had adopted procedures and procedures which were inconsistent with their actual business practices and disclosures. The most frequent regions of inconsistent compliance practices related to commissions, fees, and expenses, the staff found. Regarding annual conformity reviews, many companies did not adequately document the reviews or appropriately assess applicable risk areas. Several firms had undisclosed compensation arrangements leading to conflicts of interests that could potentially impact the impartiality of the advice supervised individuals gave to their clients.

In particular, the staff discovered that forgivable loans were made to the advisers or their supervised individuals with terms contingent on certain client-based incentives. This may have inspired the investment decision-making process or resulted in higher fees or expenditures. In addition, some supervised individuals were required to incur all transaction-based costs for client transactions, creating incentives to trade less frequently on the clients’ behalf. Improving compliance. THE CHANCE Alert outlined how firms can improve compliance when they employ supervised people with disciplinary histories.

Firms should adopt written policies and procedures that specifically address what should occur prior to hiring persons which have reported their disciplinary history. Firms can also enhance their due diligence to recognize disciplinary occasions in a fresh hire’s background, including background checks, internet and interpersonal media queries, fingerprinting, third-party research of new employees, getting in touch with personal references, and verifying educational statements.

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Because companies with written policies and methods specifically handling the oversight of supervised people with disciplinary histories were a lot more likely to identify misconduct than companies without written protocols, the personnel recommended building heightened supervision practices. In addition, written plans and techniques that address client complaints are more likely to lead to supervised individuals reporting those problems, the staff observed.

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