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I have no idea who owns many of these websites or how much cash they make. However, I will explain what I believe they did right and just why I think they are likely doing well as far as income can be involved. Also, just to notice – all of these sites have a number of different monetization methods.

There are a wide variety of ways to profit from a website these days, that it’s hard to NOT make money when you have a lot of traffic. All of these sites are targeting keywords that get good search quantity. I will NOT be looking specifically at the competition levels for these keywords – but rather how much traffic is coming in for a few of the bigger quantity keywords.

Most of these sites are concentrating on fairly high competition keywords – but that is not the focus of the post today. I want to concentrate on the volume and CPC of the keywords, the domain names, and the web-site layout, content, and monetization methods. If you’ve been following me for some time, you probably know that nowadays, everything is about quality – not just from the website, but also the quality of the actual page on the site as well.

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You are improbable to rank well for a competitive keyword with a 1500 word article and lots of links. Most articles need to be in-depth, and answer every question the user might have about the topic. They were both Amazon Affiliate sites, and that is where the majority of their revenue originated from then, from today but still comes.

The WireCutter dominates organic her’s for a lot of buyer-intent keywords, and is also a “verified expert reviewer” by Amazon. The site gets large sums of organic traffic and has gained massively in recognition and search placement once it was purchased by the brand-new York Times. Due to the budget they have, this web site has the capacity to buy products and pay independent reviewers to examine each product and take pictures because of their article.

Many of their articles are extensively researched, and it’s not unusual to see a few of their articles with an increase of than 7,000 words on a subject. They get tons of traffic and target many different buyer-intent keywords for buys that are largely made online. I’d never suggest anyone venture out and create another WireCutter because if you are just starting out, you shall not need the required budget to contend as in-depth as they actually. With regards to ranking well in Google, generally Google will give your site preferential treatment on certain topics, once it’s figured out what your website is about.