2nd In Lineage Of Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructors

Eli Avikzar signed off diplomas as the Instructor and Immi Lichtenfeld signed off the President of the Israeli Krav Maga Association awarding black belts to many individuals including Avi Avisadon, Eyal Yanilov, Haim Gidon, and Boaz Aviram. 1985 Eli was awarded 8th Dan in Krav Maga from Immi Lichtenfeld. Eli resigned his role as In Charge of Giving Dan Ranks for Senior Instructors since Immi Lichtenfeld which retired from teaching bypassed him and honored dark belts without his knowledge. Striving to keep quality control, he founded and resigned Krav Magen Israeli.

Avi Avisadon acquired inherited his role at the Krav Magen Association. Avi Avisadon was Eli’s Assistant at the Fighting Fitness Academy and then was transferred to become the Head of Krav Maga at the Israeli Navy Seals where he offered as a career officer for many years. Eli Avikzar was trying for excellence in the ability of his Israeli Defense Forces trained Instructors to have the ability to deliver the materials learned impeccably and train each unit relating with their needs.

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As a trainer, he had a distinctive perception to draw out the substance of any style and combat and analyze why a change must higher success in specific needs. He used to perform seminars demonstrating the essence of Judo, Aikido, and Boxing, categorizing major training methods and techniques, and detailing the substance of success in each one of them. His initial street confrontation as a kid in Morocco, and later training with Immi Lichtenfeld in Krav Maga, which at the time included boxing training helped him excel in Judo and Aikido and get his black belt quickly. He was very coordinated to begin with.

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