Relationship With Trump Will Be ‘sensational’, Says Top Diplomat

Relations between the UK and the united states will be “sensational” now Boris Johnson is in Downing Street, America’s ambassador to the UK has said. Woody Johnson told the BBC the two had a great deal in keeping in their management style and a desire to “get things done”. He performed down the PM’s criticism of Mr Trump when he was London mayor, when he called him “stupefyingly ignorant”. And he said a no-deal Brexit would not influence the UK’s ability to strike a trade offer with the US. The US chief executive has welcomed Mr Johnson’s rise to power, saying he would do a “congrats” and even suggesting he was “Britain Trump”.

A supporter of Brexit, Mr. Trump was critical of former Prime Minister Theresa May’s discussions with the EU. Woody Johnson told Radio 4’s Today, his job was to focus on the “things we acknowledge”. In 2015, Boris Johnson, as London Mayor, said Mr Trump declares that parts of the town were “no-go areas” demonstrated “quite stupefying ignorance” and made him unfit to be president. But Woody Johnson recommended Mr. Trump was not bothered by the comments.

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He said the UK would be at the “front of the series” for a trade deal once Brexit had occurred and it was “not essential” for the UK to leave the EU with a contract to make improvement. Most experts believe a free of charge trade offer with the united states will take years to complete and could be beset by troubles over issues like food standards, environmental regulations and usage of healthcare services for each other’s companies. And one of the very most powerful politicians in the US has said its Congress would not support any trade agreement which undermined the tranquility settlement in Northern Ireland.

The new best minister has not yet revealed when he will hold his first face-to-face leaders’ ending up in Mr. Trump. No 10 verified that Mr Johnson had spoken to the French President Emmanuel Macron over the phone on Thursday and they had talked about Brexit. A German Federal government spokesperson also said the PM experienced talked about Brexit with Chancellor Angela Merkel during a telephone call on Friday.

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