UI Software Engineer (Client Payments) At Avaloq

As a member of the payment department you’ll be part of an agile team of Software Engineers and Business Analysts located in Zurich, Manila, and Edinburgh. The Avalon Front Platform (AFP) is the basis for various front applications. This includes our solutions for Web Banking and Mobile Banking as well as Wealth Management.

As a Software Engineer, you are wonderful for the payment’s web-banking groups, utilizing a range of modern technologies, to build and deliver innovative and fascinating financial solutions. J2EE, REST/SOAP Web Hibernate and services, Sprint Boot micro services. Furthermore to contributing to product development, you will also gain contact with the Avaloq technology stack once we deliver improvements to existing customers across our components. Design and apply UI components using Angular as well as new features in our JEE Springboot and applications microservices. With this compensation model, we want to share the success of the business with all our employees. You can expect competitive base salaries and if you prove yourself as a super-star, you might be entitled to an extraordinary achievement reward.

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