The Advantages Of Business Toll Free Numbers

It is the considered opinion of most marketing professionals that a toll-free number is a great help in improving response rates of advertisements regardless where an advertisement is placed – whether it is TV radio, billboard, or magazine. Business people who are not aware of this secret weapon are losing heavily by not using the toll-free strategy. The latest reports reveal that the rates for toll-free services, such as the prefixes 888 and 877 now, have drastically come down, combined with the rates for other kinds of long-distance service. It really is incredible that companies which it until lately were paying around 25 cents each and every minute for an 800 call, now pay less than 3.9 cents each and every minute.

It is usually to be noted that it is not only businesses that use their 800 numbers, but even households that have contacts staying in different countries utilize this toll-free number service to lessen their telephone expenses. 100 in set up fees stay. Toll-free telephone numbers are indeed a great part of marketing efforts to obtain new customers and to retain existing ones. By offering toll-free telephone numbers, businesses invite clients and prospective customers to communicate with them at no charge.

As a matter of fact, the business that maintains the toll-free series pays all costs from the line. Needless to state, there are a number of advantages in conducting business online as customers can have access 24×7 and can shop from the comfort of their homes. But a business cannot expect to win the trust of the customer as the whole online business is impersonal without communication.

The above problem or obstacle for online businesses is eliminated whenever a business uses toll-free amounts. A toll-free telephone number makes your business more accessible to clients, customers, employees, and business affiliates. When clients call a business and speak to the business owner or the personnel, the customer is persuaded and it helps to create trust. Moreover, the callers do not have to pay for the call, which makes it more attractive even.

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If customers have to cover the calls, they will be disinclined to call, because phone calls to customer support departments are notorious because of their long waiting periods. Thus there can be no doubt that toll-free numbers or the 800 quantities help businesses boost their sales. The demand for toll-free telephone numbers kept growing immensely that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was pressuring to issue a new prefix (888) in anticipation of the exhaustion of all possible 800 quantities. But the new 888 prefix lasted only for 2 yrs before completely running out also.

Market analysts now expect the FCC to present a string of new toll-free prefixes such as 866, 855 etc. over the coming years to cope up with the ever-increasing demand. Cyril Bird is a SEO copywriter for Toll Free Numbers, Virtual PBX, and VOIP PROVIDERS. He has written many articles in various topics like Internet Fax Service, Voicemail, and Answering Service.

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