WHAT YOU OUGHT TO Know Before Starting

Targeting your competition can be an advertising strategy that’s been around since the Mad Men times, and it’s progressed into bidding on rival keywords in AdWords. This tactic has its benefits because your rivals are attracting prospects via Search that could surely make a good fit for your business, and in some instances they may be solution aware already.

In short, they could be primed and ready to find a product or service (that’s you!). Sneaky as this plan might seem, online advertising is still a long way off from those “10X better than the primary brand” television ads that are plaguing primetime even today. Targeting your competitor’s brand terms on AdWords may appear like a no brainer.

And-if it were simple-perhaps we’d all be creating a list of our rivals’ titles and contacting out their defects in our ad copy. After all, with a few clicks you could be stealing their traffic and their business, right? Not so fast. The guidelines of AdWords rival focusing on can be complicated to navigate, and there’s too much to consider before making a decision if it’s right for you and your brand-including guidelines from Google.

So how will you know if it’s best for you, and how do it is performed by you well? Targeting competitor keywords might be common, but it’s best to get your ducks in a row before you jump straight in. In the end, because Brand X does this, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. The number one thing you need to keep in mind about competitor targeting in AdWords is that it’s competitive.

Before you tell your manager or your customer that you’re releasing a competitor campaign, check if your competitors have already done the same. To learn who’s bidding on your branded conditions (and how well they’re doing it), click into your Campaigns (in the new AdWords experience), then navigate to the Auction Insights tab and filter for your branded campaigns.

If you’re not seeing any suspects, hurrah! You now have a choice to make: whether or not you want to risk starting a craze by being the first to target your competition’ terms. If they on catch, they could return the favor by coming after your conditions and potentially driving up your cost-per-click.

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Even in the Search world, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Seeing some familiar names in the list? If competition are bidding on your branded conditions already, it’s fair game for you to enter the band. After doing all your research, of course. Knowing you’re being targeted is a start, but if you’re entering the ring it’s time to check out your rivals’ ad copy.

Seeing how your competition position themselves against your own brand will provide you with a concept of what you’re against. By looking up what your rivals are saying in their ads targeting your terms, you’ll be better equipped to tweak your own. Because of this you can, of course, execute a simple Google search, but it’s easier to use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool to test search queries in various countries and locations of your choosing. You’ll still get an idea of who’s winning auctions for your valuable keywords – and how they’re positioning themselves.

In this quick search for travel comparison website Trivago, we can see that KAYAK – a similar comparison site – is turning up in position two. That is a not-so-sneaky example of competitor bidding doing his thing. Luckily, Trivago is recording that top spot with their own term still, kAYAK would be showing up just above their organic results in any other case.

It’s unlikely that of your competition are concentrating on your key terms, if any. But, if you don’t have a clue who your rivals are, this is where you need to start before you even think about starting a competitor marketing campaign (significantly, stop reading this post right now and do that instead).