SSE To Cut 444 Jobs At Its Retail Arm As Customers Snub Smart Meters

Energy supplier SSE is likely to cut 444 jobs in its customer support and metering teams because of low demand for its smart meters, Unite union has said. Demand for smart meters to be built in households have not reached the levels expected by the business – hence the work losses announced by the SSE retail sector,’ said Unite nationwide official for resources and energy Peter McIntosh. SSE said it had to announce ‘voluntary improved redundancy opportunities’ when confronted with challenges associated with rising competition, the introduction of the energy cap and higher operating costs. SSE retail unit currently utilizes around 9,000 people.

All energy suppliers with an increase of than 250,000 customers must make an effort to install smart meters Atlanta divorce attorney’s home and business by the finish of the next season. The Government-backed scheme, under which around 50million smart meters are set to be installed in almost 30million homes by the end of 2020, is behind schedule, and is likely to cost £11.5billion, covered away of customers’ bills. Is your energy green really?

Share 18 shares Last month, SSE was fined £700,000 after failing to set up enough smart meters in customers’ homes last year. SSE strike its target 8 weeks past due, regulator Ofgem said. SSE Energy Services chief operating official, Tony Keeling said: ‘Like a number of suppliers, we are facing difficulties due to competition increasing, the launch of the power price cap and higher operating costs. To perform a sustainable business, we need to become more effective and ensure we have the right number of employees in the right locations to best serve our customers. McIntosh of Unite said the announcement was unsatisfactory but not unexpected, and that it will oppose any efforts by the company to expose compulsory redundancies.

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This situation is because of this have yet another failed government policy,’ he said. The smart metering program ought not to have been remaining to the energy companies, as the 2020 deadline looms for every home in Britain to be offered a smart meter. But Smart Energy GB, which promotes smart meters, refuted the declare that the campaign has not activated consumers, saying that 13 million people will look for or accept a good meter in the next six months. Director of corporate affairs Robert Cheesewright said: ‘Smart meters are key in helping Great Britain create a truly smart grid that will assist us to meet our carbon reduction targets, improve the quality of air and help households eliminate energy waste.

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