Police Information Checks

Please, Note: Once a job candidate has submitted a obtain a Police Information Checks, there will be no refund released. The onus is on the applicant to ensure they require a Police Information Looks for their intended purpose and has the correct information. When you have any questions, please contact our main office before making program first.

Payment for the Police Information Check. For status of your police check please make reference to the next website for current control date. Once the program is processed please allow yet another 2-3 business times for mail delivery to get, unless further follow-up is necessary of one to which you will be notified. You may even refer to this site to find out more about our online Police Information check process. The Police Information Checks Unit will not disclose to a third party – any specific information will be disclosed to the applicant only.

If you have previously resided in Calgary and today reside somewhere else in Alberta, in another Province or Out of Country and require a Calgary Police Service Police Information Checks, please see Police information checks for people outside Calgary. Did you obtain an attend letter? 3-1-1 for an appointment at Westwinds location only. Individuals are requested to “follow-up” and go to the Police Information Check Unit for a variety of reasons. Vulnerable Sector search to confirm or eliminate a pardon associated to applicants’ information.

NOTE: The above mentioned information cannot be discussed over the phone; nevertheless the Police Information Check Unit will disclose this follow-up demand when you attend. What databases are searched? C.P.I.C. – The Canadian Law enforcement Information Center Rand system.C.M.P. National repository in Ottawa. This Police information check only provides information found at the time of the check, on the above-mentioned listed systems. The Calgary Police Service will not assure completeness of the info, as we are limited to information on these functional systems.

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