Fashionable Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are rad-until you use the stilettos for a night out. Never to fret, fashion-forward friends. Sub-par stylish activity trackers with clunky clasps and whack colorways are soon to be a thing of the past. Check out these better-looking fitness trackers, you will need in your repertoire. What we love: It’s Fitbit’s most stylish fitness tracker to time (available today for resale, retail availability in March 2016). Nighttime excellence The solid gold and silver bangle bracelets are day.

WIN a award a day! Body metrics measured: Activity vs. What we should love: As sleek as it looks, the UP4’s coolest feature is its tap-to-pay features. American Express credit card holders can link their account using their bracelet and charge that morning macchiato with a simple swipe. WIN a reward for a day! The Mira has the most metallic colorways from the competition, which makes it a simple pairing for your go-to everyday bangles whether you’re platinum, rose gold, or metallic. WIN a award a day! What we should love: Fossil is well known for great leather products, so it is no surprise the interchangeable bands on the Q Dreamer are simply just dreamy. We’re partial to the turquoise, ourselves.

What is the most common advice they need? Competing is expensive. When they ask, I am pleased to give advice, and wish that advice helps. I want to use this chance to actually inform sponsors what the benefits of two special women could have to your business. Those women are IFBB Fitness Pro’s Victoria Larvie and Ariel Khadr.

IFBB Pro should tell you all you have to to know. However in case it generally does not, how about tossing in the known fact that they earned their Pro-credit cards at age group 17, and that is outstanding for them, but can also be a secured asset for you. I will shortly explain that. Let’s also remember that both young women have a very large fan base.

That group of fans was built out of respect because of their fitness accomplishments as well as respect for the women they are. Both are very outgoing and personable as well. In one instance, very early in my own training, even at the right time at age 33 and being male, I did not hesitate to ask Victoria for advice.

She was pleased to help and even extended upon the advice in a later communication. She did not have to do that, but it is simply the person that she is and her enjoyment of helping others reach their fitness goals. Now at the age of 34 I have no problem saying I look up to and admire Victoria and Ariel. Now, let’s talk about what the benefits could be of sponsoring them. As earlier mentioned you have the large group of fans and the Pro cards.

But with both of these you can reach a wide variety of target audiences. Let’s start with teens. Let’s remember the feminine gender generally. How many times perhaps you have heard of a lady being afraid of the fitness center? I frequently have heard it. Victoria and Ariel are excellent examples of why a female need not hesitate to visit the fitness center.

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Furthermore, women who may be new and scared can learn a great deal from Victoria and Ariel and get off on the right foot. Women can learn so much from these two, and these are two young women who are happy to help. Let’s remember everybody else either. As mentioned, Year old man and I learn from them I am 34.

I have met so many people in the fitness industry and very few have reached the respect and admiration I’ve for Victoria and Ariel. I either am not alone. Sure, both Victoria and Ariel are beautiful young women and hat may at times cause a short need to be a “fan”. However, that usually can last until the next beautiful woman comes along. However in Victoria and Ariel’s case, they keep those fans, because by being who they are they demand respect and gratitude just. Their fan base is so very loyal.