I’ve never been an enthusiast of crash diets. Cutting out an essential area of the diet, such as carbs or excess fat, never seemed like a good idea to me. If you try a diet where you have to improve what you eat drastically, you’re most likely not going to stay with it. You can’t keep, not wanting to eat carbs permanently.

So what happens when you begin eating carbs again? You gain back the weight. Because you never have made a maintainable, long-term change to your eating behavior. Crash diets make things complicated. The best approach to dieting is straightforward: keep a food journal and count up your calories. Your main concentrate should be placing a calorie goal and sticking with it. To find out more about working out how many calories you should be eating, see here.

Let’s get just a little scientific for one minute. Last year a study was conducted on the impact of a wide range of diet-related habits and food patterns and their effect on weight change. In the study, women who kept food journals lost about 6 lb more than those who did not. It’s very dang hard to improve your eating behavior unless you pay attention to what you’re eating.

I know that there were days in the past where I have assumed that I wasn’t eating a lot of calories while I was actually eating a ridiculous amount. I love Chili’s. Whenever we go there John and I usually share a half order of Texas Cheese Fries and I quickly get a vintage Bacon Burger with a side order of fries.

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Yep, that is clearly a lot of fries for one night. I never really thought about how many calories I was eating. I guessed it was a lot but I wasn’t sure exactly how much. I decided to look it up one day. Guess how many calories that meal was. I could not believe this. Using a diet journal is easy. It doesn’t have a lot of time.

You don’t have to utilize it every day for the rest of your life if you don’t want to. It’s good to track your calories for a few weeks every day. Then you will gain a feeling for just how many calories from fat different foods contain. You’ll be able to just use an eating plan journal every now and then to stay on track or you can continue to use it every day.