EL GRECO DRAMATIC ART FINDS OR AN INTERESTING ENIGMA. A moving and beautiful painting which retains more questions than answers. It had been among many others in this dank and dismal basement of the middle-income house in London´s Portobello Road. It´s owner got just made a few works available to a well-known gallery and the condition of a few of them appeared critical as some exposed balding areas which would take a lot of work and expense to restore. It was terribly lit and three of these, although over coated in two cases certainly, stood out as clear masterworks round the 17th apparently. Or sixteenth century.

Relining and patch repairs behind the canvases demonstrated that they had been looked after over a period and sometimes with whatever material was affordable at that time. The paintings were on offer at what appeared to be very reasonable prices taking into account their religious character. One was a Venus or some sort and betrayed echoes of “Titian”. The other, a kind of Pieta with an Angel which was very uncommon and even in the twilight produced a direct effect that regarding to its present owner “sent a shiver of enjoyment down his spine”.

He have been taken there by a well-known art dealer near Ladbroke Grove who understood his choices and who had struck lucky both at auctions and in retail purchases of quality antiques. This time he knew him previously not just obtained one but three potential “finds” although, as he confessed to the dealer, he had misgivings about placing them out for research and expert opinion without real Provenance to attach them to. The family members losing them were concerned about the fact that the traditions came from a military father published to Burgos and Toledo during the Spanish Civil War.

The paintings have been valued on quality only by the family bankers since signatures were not visible on all three paintings which required a deep cleaning that was not done properly within the centuries. It had been then that I really understood just how incompetent reserve worms without creative sensitivity and imagination were with respect to the ability to recognize authorship. A comment like that in regards to a maverick painter like EL Greco whose results were obtained by firmly taking compositions beyond the reasonable, said only 1 thing – these so called experts were not artists. What they were doing charging for critical appraisals, was tantamount to fake pretensions.

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