The Cycling Addiction

In representation of the 2016 I could say that I really enjoyed this season of many is cycled mostly solo and with a few special group rides. Between training legs at the fitness center and building a paved patio with a keeping wall with 80 pound blocks it had taken a bit more out of me on many of the weeks.

Lifting of course has been my interest for quite some time and the terrace project was a nice distraction that may add something to our property value and enjoyment throughout the house. At the age of 53 I used to be just pleased to see I could do some good physical labor digging by hand and hauling many tons of material and still have some decent strength. Training at the fitness center probably proceeded to go better than the cycling training.

Work stress increased moving in the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and as work stress increased I began missing more bicycling training due to working much longer days. I also thought it far better dial it back a little because I felt the work stress and training stress were raising my risk to illness. Unfortunately I now have an upper respiratory illness and I am on my 8th day of taking it easy while my body tries to recover. I’ve done some light spinning, but once I complete this disease and begin 2017 I will be starting all over again.

  • Eat Less & Drink More Water
  • 1 Tablespoon Chocolate Protein Powder
  • And adopt a middle way
  • 1/4 cup White Wine (a lot of the alcohol cooks away)

For 2017 I will continue to focus on sustained steady power result (TTE) over 4 to 5-hour initiatives. So if all will go alright my 2017 season may look a lot like 2016 and I’d be fairly happy if it is a repeat. Just to be out on a sun-drenched backroad of Georgia spinning some also at a brisk pace is very sweet offer.

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