Didn’t Everyone EXECUTE A Good Job?

I am posting five different quilt patterns from Quilting out of every Angle with you, and today’s stop is Colorblock. All work was done by those who volunteered to produce a quilt from the reserve, and all picture taking was done by the average person who made the quilt. Each individual chose their fabrics and were permitted to do whatever they liked with the pattern.

I experienced no say in what they thought we would do with it or the colors and materials they used. Basically, I provided them free reign. It’s their quilt anyways, and it was wanted by me to reflect their own personalities, not mine. What is actually interesting and nice to see is other’s interpretations of your patterns. Quilting out of every Angle is a reserve that shows my love for design. It is filled with graphic and unique quilts.

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I really wished quilt designs that could charm to young and older generations, but my main concentrate was to seize the interest of quilters who enjoyed graphic design and modern-day textile art. Although all of my quilts are rooted in traditional piecing and designs, the combination I did with these things makes the patterns stand out and are very graphic.

I wish that you love the quilt patterns I am sharing with you this week. To obtain a copy and see improvements to the written publication, please click here. To see the Fossil variations, please just click here. To find out Desert Bloom Medallion variants, please just click here. To see Mesa variations, please just click here.

I love the look of log cabins. They are very versatile, and I needed to sneak one into the book. I replaced one of the strips with HSTs, but really, you could take it further by adding more. I have two more designs at heart with this pattern that I am hoping to find time for you to explore! I opt for woven solid by Alissa Haight Carlton for Initially Fabrics, which because of this pattern, lent a unique look that I really like. This is the type of quilt that should be observed in person to see how fantastic the colors are. Log cabins are excellent for newbie quilters. Thank you ladies so much for sharing your version of Colorblock!

Didn’t everyone execute a good job? I really appreciate seeing the various versions of these patterns, and I am certain others do too! I am sharing yet another pattern later this week, November that you’ll not need to miss and a blog tour in! To get a copy, please just click here. To see the variations of Fossil, please click here. To see the variants of Desert Bloom Medallion, please click here. To start to see the variations of Mesa, please click here.

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