Beauty Diary

I love books. Especially paranormal romances. Yes, I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with dragons, fey, mermaids, angels. As well as the written books I am reading are like 50 shades but better. To be honest I did start 50 shades but I have never finished it. Don’t get the hype around those books.

Back once I was in collage I hated books. I put to push myself into reading it. Most during the summer months I read horror books by Graham Masterton. I really like the books he composed and I did read at least 15 of them. The after that my dad gave me a first book in a 47-quantity tale of family bloodline ‘ The Legend of the Ice People’ and I was hooked!

I read all 47 books 3 x! For the past few years I have been reading a complete great deal. I have to somehow kill enough time while I’m stuck in the subway on my way to work and back. It requires 45 minutes sometimes more. The ultimate way to spend it has been a good book.

January was a great month when it came to reading. I read a great deal quite. I decided to make this post long lasting and post it and keep track of the books I read monthly. I know I’m cheating haha. Any questions below please ask in comments! Sorry for my Polish readers but this post will be in English. I don’t know if any of the books are available in Poland. Born with a weak heart and an unusual birthmark on her behalf belly, Lana is a frail farm lady of twenty summers.

  1. Don’t forget your lashes
  2. Getting enough rest always maintains you looking younger
  3. Malic acid – apples and pears
  4. Henry Ford
  5. For Men: Shaving Tips
  6. Beauty is how you feel inside and it shows in your eye
  7. Molivera Organics Fractionated Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce

Never could she have dreamed being magically fated to become fey web host for the sword nature, Valor – and the marvelous sword is lacking now, stolen from the vaults of Tara, the faery home. The disturbing amazing things changing Lana’s life have only just begun. Entering Lana’s life is Keegan, a fearless fey guardian of the waters who must find the marvelous sword for his ruler before time runs out.

Believing only the literally strong deserve life, Keegan expects to meet his match in the tiny never, spirited beauty he must guide him to the sword. Book 2 in the Faery Faith series. Possession with a demon-cost Jonah Walker his faith, his mankind, and his wife. Once a righteous missionary man, he endures immortality with nothing but a physical body for a fight and a bent for retribution.