Dodgy Sales Suppression Tools Banned

Businesses that use software to delete or adjust sales records to avoid paying tax face huge fines under a new ban. 1 million if they use the tools known as electronic sales suppression software in their point-of-sale systems. On Thursday Mathew Bambrick said. It is unlawful to manufacture now, distribute, possess, use or sell electronic sales suppression tools.

Businesses installing an electronic sales suppression tool before the legislation was first announced on, may 9 last year have six months to allow taxes office know and they won’t get penalised. The Australian Tax Office viewed one business using the tools and found it was falsely confirming losses and not managing employee obligations. 1.5 million in fines for manipulating tax records deliberately.

Happiness is the thing of intrinsic value in the minds of Utilitarians. Some stakeholders in USC football did obtain pleasure through the activities of the team doctors and the shots of Toradol they provided to hurt players. These injections allowed players to keep playing despite having accidental injuries that could have otherwise kept them out of the game. Those players helped USC win. The pleasure of the players who received the injections, like Armstead, was fraudulent or fake. These were happy because they could play through injury without pain at all by just receiving a simple injection. All they understood would be that the drug made them feel better and allowed these to keep playing the game they love.

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The team doctors didn’t alert them of the possible root effects – the likelihood of heart attack, stroke, or death even. Realizing the threat to their life that every injection was, players who received Toradol would not have been almost as happy. KantianismKantianism is dependant on the values that ethical activity is possible when the acting party conducts them self rationally in the goings-on of society.

A business entity should never consider itself exempt from the guidelines. People, their autonomy, and their specific passions and needs must be respected for any activity carried out, to be looked at ethical by Kantian philosophy. Virtue TheoryVirtue Theory is dependant on four virtue characteristics. If a business entity works in a manner that suits the four characteristics, it is, therefore, performing ethically.

The four virtue characteristics are courage, honesty, temperance, and justice. The courage characteristic signifies an entity’s determination to take risks, and to stand up for what is right. The credibility characteristic signifies an entity’s determination to be truthful with the general public and all the parties associated with and suffering from the business activity. Temperance signifies the power of the entity to create realistic targets and justice represents effort and fair practice. The USC soccer program and its team doctors upheld none of them of the virtues. The doctors opted to demonstrate a vice of cowardice rather than courage.

They hid the details of the drug to Armstead as well as others, they didn’t warn of any health risks, and they didn’t offer any alternative healing methods. When the doctors must have been demonstrating credibility, they chosen deception. By not informing the players about the seriousness of the drug and its own possible side effects, they were keeping the vital information a secret.

There was no temperance by the medical personnel. Had they confirmed temperance, USC doctors could have accepted the fact that accidental injuries occur, and they could have held the injured player/players out of games until the damage naturally healed alone. The doctors didn’t show a virtue of justice either, but instead, they exhibited injustice.