Bright Weight Loss

Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show podcast archives and noticed a very inspiring interview with Shauna Reid, blogger, and writer of The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. Among other things, she reminded me why I am writing this website. I wanted ways to record my learnings with this journey in a more interactive and interesting way when compared to a document stored on my hard drive. Have a look at this podcast, his original blog, and Shauna’s blog for a big dose of motivation. On Sunday I skipped updating, so is that upgrade somewhat belatedly here.

My food options: 10 of 10 (that won’t be the case this week! Exercise: 5 out of 10 – I did so not exercise but due to a wicked toothache. I was motivated to. Yesterday I learned that I have an underactive thyroid. ONCE I see my doctor a month or more hence, I will learn how I might correct that. It was a bit of a relief to learn why the weight is coming off so slowly. Finally, many thanks for reading my blog and helping my weight-reduction effort. You are friends, indeed. I am richly blessed!

2 Seeing a health care provider who actually gave a crap about me losing weight. He’s prescribed me Phentermine, which I’ve taken off and on for some time, but I also check in with him roughly once a month and he offers me various suggestions as to how to improve up my diet. That is my normal doctor.

I didn’t even have to visit a weight reduction doctor. 3 Finding a fitness I could do for a continual period of time. I ran for some time, which do help me lose weight at that right time, but eventually, working surely got to be way too hard on my body. I instead exercise bike/pilates machine now.

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4 intermittent fasting and fasting times are helping me presently. I’ve lost a large chunk of weight but wish to lose 15-20 pounds more. Insulin resistance is a concern, since I do have PCOS. Fasting can help bring insulin levels down. Eating lower part also helps bring insulin levels down. 5 motivations are probably the least important things out of the entire list. Motivation does nothing whenever your efforts don’t equal actual results. The above-mentioned 4 things gave me actual results. Because I actually got results, I used to be more motivated to keep.

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