Blake Dale Ratcliff

Blake is noted by many traders (references are available on demand) as possibly the best professional they have seen in action planning investment plans, operation agreements, executive summaries, financial models, financial programs, bank or investment company presentations they have ever observed. He founded Return Property Management acquiring almost 1,000 apartments throughout the Southeast between 2005 and 2010. In this particular role, Blake ready a large number of business programs, screened a huge selection of potential acquisitions and shut 9 purchases. Returns on some properties exceeded triple digits before winding down operations in early 2010 due to financing arranged backs.

Since 1995 Blake has been on the management team, a board member, the area of the homework team, or founder of 9 startups. 200 million in collateral capital. Raising capital Blake has already established the opportunity to present plans to the Mayfield Group, Trinity Ventures, MMG, Polaris Capital, and many other venture capital groups.

He has held game titles of COO, VP Engineering, and Operations, and VP of Operations, Director. He is very experienced in preparing bid proposals, performing cost benefit analysis, selecting bet winners, and applying new service and offer agreements. 2.5 billion producer Springs Industries, Sea Corps Marketing communications Instructor and Officer. Activities – Blake is a Trustee with Union University, and Institute, father of 4, Washington DC University Club member. Blake Ratcliff is a former Marine Officer, US Naval Academy Graduate, Former Class of 1984 US Naval Academy Class President. Blake graduated with a BS in Applied Science.

To spend money on Platinum, buy the ETF called NYSE:PPLT. If you are curious about jewelry applications, you may wonder how to invest in gemstones. Again, you should think about whether buying physical diamonds which sit in your drawer is the best option or if diamond stocks are much better. What’s a PLATINUM Worth after market Crash? What if there’s no cash available? How are you going to trade a pub of bullion for deer carcass plus some hunting rifle ammunition?

  1. “Tell me about yourself.”
  2. High risk fund
  3. Cash Flow from operating activities / Cash from operations
  4. Remember that set income UITs can provide a transparent, diversified portfolio of bonds

Is a fair trade? Suppose instead you buy gold and silver coins at a coin shop. You can too sell them back there, but you’ll be trading on the collectable value of the coin, which fluctuates based on the price tag on the metal and the scarcity and quality of your coin.

Even if you buy gold coins, you’re not always better off. For the reason that post-apocalyptic world, running a poultry which can lay down eggs every day and make more chickens is more valuable than running a shiny handful of metal that can’t make anything else. As you can tell, there’s an important difference between buying a lump of the precious metal and buying a pretty, bright coin!

Think from it this way. Some scribbles on canvas may be the ongoing work of a third grader, an elephant, a robot, or Pablo Picasso. The cost of materials might be the same, but people are prepared to pay millions for the Picasso because of the quality and rarity. The same goes for coins.